The Best Of Publications is an integrated retail marketing and advertising program. By combining the newest of internet technologies with The Best Of 4 color glossy direct mail product, The Best Of connects retail merchants with their best local consumer/clients. Now you can experience the power of print and internet in a single source cost effective program!

For over 20 years our programs have proven over and over again their value by delivering results! Now with our additional internet enhancements, we are the best fully integrated advertising & marketing program designed exclusively for the small to medium retailer. And the best news, all of this at a price point that cannot be beat! Cheaper than the "Blue Envelope", more attractive than "The Bunch Of Stuff On The Doorstep," and more profitable than "The Daily Deal", The Best Of is just that, the best of your local consumers!

This means that with our services your business benefits from a complete digital and print media program that ensures steady sales and the best profit margins in your business category!

Here is what we offer:

  • 2.5 cents per household (total cost!) for high end coupon book including:
  • Website displayed personal advertising page (printable coupon) and business description
  • "Share" your information/ad on twitter, Facebook, email etc.
  • Links to your website
  • Ad-hoc advertising "specials" posted on-line
  • On-line report of hits on coupon page

Also Available:

  • Cost effective website banner advertising
  • Comprehensive online reporting of coupon and profile hits, statistics etc.

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