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We have been doing business in the Wenatchee Valley since 1983. Since we first opened as the Training Station, we have always asked ourselves “how do we do right by our members?” When you live by this question, you create an organization that never stops evolving. The more you learn, the more you discover ways to change for the better.

Worx simply means “Workout Prescription”. We didn’t “find” the name. It found us. We focus on learning and teaching others to build an exercise habit. This focus brought us to a very different place than when we proudly became Gold’s Gym in 1996.

The values that drive our business are the same that drive our exercise habits. We believe in taking personal responsibility, having grit, being optimistic and having fun, remaining intensely curious, and having a growth mindset. We enable people to become what we call “exercise practitioners.” This is essential to our core purpose–to make every member a loyal lifelong fan and an exercise practitioner.

12 N Worthen
Wenatchee, WA 98801
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Phone: 509-663-4965