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RF McDougalls has been a Tri-Cities staple since 1970. Enjoy the deck overlooking the stunning Columbia River while cooling down with statisfying meal and a local microbrew or cocktail. RF McDougalls offers family friendly dining for lunch and dinner and a fun hang out late into the night HISTORY.....................................................rn R.F. McDougall’s exquisite back bar was designed and built in the 1860’s in Brunswick, New Jersey by the Brunswick Corporation. The company is still in business today associated with the sport of bowling. The Brunswick bars were famous for their all wood construction. This one started its career being transported by boat from around the Cape to Fairbanks, Alaska before settling in “Yukon Lil’s”, a saloon in the heart of gold country. Still visible today are four bullet wounds sustained as the result of a gunfight over five ounces of gold during the Alaskan Goldrush.rn rnIn the early 1970’s the bar continued its travels, by truck via the Alaska-Canadian Highway, where drivers must yield the road to aircraft that want to land, to Richland, Washington. The bullet holes were repaired, (though still visible from the back of the bar), and R.F.McDougall’s was built around the bar to compliment this beautiful focal point.rn rnSo come on down to R.F. McDougalls - where good friends, like you, and good food always meet.

Website: www.rfmcdougalls.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rfmcdougalls/

1705 West Columbia Park trail
Kennewick, WA 99337
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Phone: 509-735-6418
Website: rfmcdougalls.net